Balcony pull basket

kaasaibeen is determined to build a whole house storage, we have many scientific and convenient product storage collocation solutions, to give each user a comfortable experience. In addition to the kitchen, the balcony is also a place where a large number of storage can be used, and most of the debris in the home can be put down.

Under sink pull basket is made by aluminum, rust and corrosion prevention, do not worry about rust in the wet space below the sink, we can customize the size of the basket according to the sink is different, improve space utilization. Balcony intelligent elevator basket has a huge storage space, which can place different daily necessities, cleaning supplies and sundries, etc. It can be hidden in the hanging cabinet when it is not normally used, so that the home looks more concise and reduces the time to clean the desktop.

As a factory, Kaasaibeen is focused on the product and has been working hard to improve the quality. Serve for our customers , do a good job of protection.


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