Kitchen storage ideas: Choose a good product

To create a comfortable and clean kitchen, do a good job of storage is essential, today to share a few kitchen storage tips!

Use drawers for storage:


The floor cabinet of the cabinet generally has two design ways: drawer type and partition type. When taking

 things in the partition, you can't see inside while standing, you have to squat down to see. With drawer type, as long as you open the drawer or bend down ,you can  take things, it is more convenient. Therefore, it is suggested that the cabinet is best designed into a drawer type, easy to take and improve efficiency.

We have a variety of pull baskets that can store different items, such as dish drawer, seasoning pull out basket, multi-functional combination pull out baskets, which can be customized to create a kitchen storage space suitable for each family.

Use the wall to store:

When floor space is limited, it is considered wall space. A whole wall can be used, assisted by storage gadgets such as shelves, hole boards, and sticky shelves, so that the kitchen storage can be 10% more space. The wall space is suitable for storing some handy items, such as seasonings, spatulas and so on.It is easy to stick on the kitchen cabinets or equipment, which will take a long time to clean and even erode the surface and yellow.

Our suspension system can avoid these problems, all aluminum alloy walls are corrosion resistant and easy to clean, the storage area is large, and the modules can be held and placed at will.

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Make good use of corner space:

The corner position of the kitchen is often wasted storage space. The corner position can be used for storage racks or customized corner cabinets to achieve the purpose of storage. In addition, the corner space in the cabinet is also available, this position is generally deep, it is not convenient to take items, install a corner pull basket, you can solve this problem, improve space utilization.

 An all-aluminum corner basket, like this one, is easier to access.



Make good use of electrical walls:

Kitchen appliances are the most, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc., the design is slightly unreasonable, not only will cause inconvenience in use, but also make the kitchen look messy. A whole wall of electrical appliances can be designed to place electrical appliances centrally, and the effect is atmospheric and simple.

We will continue to dig kitchen good things, and recommend to everyone !

Post time: Sep-27-2023
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