Beautiful And Usable | 3 storage basket for kitchen

The open kitchen can make the space more open and bright, turn the kitchen from a single functional area into a multi-functional area, and add more interest to the space. However, as the kitchen area is included in the entire space, accessories such as kitchen drawers and baskets that once only undertook the storage function also need to be upgraded in appearance, simple and beautiful, and create a more quality kitchen space.


Pull Out Basket

In addition to various drawers and laminates, the high appearance level kitchen cabinet pull basket can also be transformed from a functional part of the cabinet into the focus of open storage.


Pull out basket ——NOVA series                    












Different from the common electroplated or stainless steel pull baskets, using a unique aluminum alloy structure, we have reinterpreted the aluminum material with different textures. The cabinet panel exposed around the basket can be dark or light according to different kitchen styles and preferences, which not only balances the functionality and decoration, but also adds a simple natural style to the kitchen space. Suitable for many kitchen styles



High cabinet air dish pull out basket


Similar shape structure, we can also choose high cabinet linkage pull basket, reasonable planning, zoning design, in space to avoid the problem of not getting deep items, gently sliding door, smooth and convenient. Drawer design makes access more convenient; Large basket frame design, can hold large objects.


Narrow Cabinet


A really high-quality kitchen space, in addition to the appearance to look good, but also pay attention to the product itself. The design of various cabinets, which are opened and closed several times each time a meal is prepared, also contains details



Sliding pull out basket

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In order to truly realize the coordination and unity of the whole space and the kitchen style, we have also upgraded the appearance and function of the floor cabinet basket, highlighting the good taste of the owner.


Use Of Floor Cabinet Space


Corner pull out basket


 The corner pull basket can make full use of the corner space, and the connecting mechanism makes the dead corner have excellent storage capacity, so that the items in the corner can be reached, which is the corner cabinet solution with the highest space utilization rate. Our corner basket once again highlights the charm of the appearance level on the basis of sophisticated spraying process, not easy to penetrate and scratch, corrosion resistance, easy to care.

 We use beautiful appearance and scientific functional design to make the kitchen style more coordinated and unified in appearance, but also provide more storage space for the kitchen, so that the items are organized, beautiful design, always give you a surprise when you need.

Post time: Oct-04-2023
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