To create your dream kitchen, start with this pull basket

The kitchen is the place we use most often in our daily lives, and it is also the place where it is most likely to become disorganized. How to make the kitchen clean and orderly, can improve work efficiency, but also make the kitchen more beautiful and comfortable?


The kitchen can be divided into four large areas, which are floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, walls and countertops. To do a good job of storage in these four areas, you can make perfect use of every inch of space in the kitchen and solve the storage problem

01 Pull basket layered storage

Dish pull out basket


This pull basket has a number of features that make it the first choice for kitchen storage! The overall use of aluminum alloy manufacturing, support a variety of specifications, suitable for different sizes of the kitchen, can be effectively expanded, classified storage; Double-layer storage design, easy to take and easy to clean

02 Multi-function pull basket


Seasoning as an important partner of food, its recepability and accessibility is also a top priority, not only can be placed shorter barbecue seasoning, a variety of oil and salt sauce vinegar tea are also classified storage, through the pumping design to make your kitchen more tidy, convenient and efficient, cooking fun doubled

03 Three-layer pull basket


Three independent three-layer pull design, vertical space segmentation, storage ability is stronger, gently pull you can see everything, clear and clear. Various scattered small objects can be classified and put together

When you need to store kitchen snacks or items, the above few are very practical products, super storage function! The multi-layer basket design makes your kitchen more tidy and orderly, and the food can be easily separated and placed. Even if it is full of food, it can be gently opened and silent, and it can easily make the kitchen clean and tidy.

Post time: Oct-26-2023
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