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Seasoning basket is a kind of cabinet basket, can store all kinds of cooking oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, chili, salad, etc. It's clean and neat. Take it out when you need it, and hide it in the cabinet when you don't. Very practical, looks clean and beautiful.

Chassis base layering

Layered multi-function design at bottom plate. The independent parts of the functional components can be adjusted left and right up and down at will.

6 functional distribution

It is divided into large box, small box, chopsticks box, movable hook and pot cover area, with independent distribution function,effectively achieves the classification of condiments. The function design is comprehensive, the acceptance coverage rate is extensive.

Aluminum material

The whole pendants are made of aluminum material, which don't rust in kitchen environment. The surface of the product is advanced, with simple light luxury design.

Full flexible seasonings separator

Original separate design,flexibly adjust the spacing separation in the seasoning box, can fit the bottle body for size adjustment.

Remarks:Non-standard size can be customized

Model WidthxDepthxHeight
KL-400TM 400×156×323mm
KL-500TM 500×156×323mm
KL-900TM 900x156x323mm

Use of seasoning baskets

1.The spice basket is specially used to install the provincial kitchen need to use a variety of condiments pull basket. We all know that the condiments in the kitchen are very Many, a variety of bottles and jars, but also vary in length and height. In the past, these are either stacked on the stove top, or placed in different high and low cabinets according to the size. Short cabinet, when using is very inconvenient, after using clean up is also very troublesome.
2.The emergence of the seasoning basket that changed this problem. Seasoning basket installed in the cabinet, the basket design broadens the use of efficiency, no matter what size,The shape of the condiments can be stored in it, fully rational use of space, seems both neat and hygienic.

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