Kitchen aluminum pull down basket

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Our cupboard pull down basket   are made of aluminum. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and is not easily oxidized by moisture, so it can maintain its appearance and function for a long time, and can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

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·All-aluminum material:

 The suspended platform is made of high-quality aluminum material, making it more durable and long-lasting. Aluminum is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that the platform remains unaffected by moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances commonly found in kitchen environments. Additionally, the smooth surface of aluminum makes it easy to clean, providing a hygienic working environment.

·Double damping design:

 The suspended platform is equipped with a dual damping system, enhancing safety during descent and ascent operations. The damping system incorporates specially designed shock absorbers that control the platform's speed and movement, ensuring a smooth and stable operation. This design eliminates sudden movements and provides a secure platform for users to perform their tasks without the risk of accidents or injuries.

Product Parameters

Art.No. Cabinet WidthxDepthxHeigh Description
KL60HS-B 600mm 564x275x550mm Cabinet adjustment+4mm; -4mm
KL70HS-B 700mm 664x275x550mm Cabinet adjustment+4mm; -4mm
KL80HS-B 800mm 764x275x550mm Cabinet adjustment+4mm; -4mm
KL90HS-B 900mm 864x275x550mm Cabinet adjustment+4mm; -4mm

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                          DOUBLE DANMPED

Why choose us?

1. The original creator of all-aluminum storage,with strong R & D technology in the industry, continuous innovation, has won dozens of industry patents, won the U.S. Pittsburgh International Invention Gold Award, the U.S. Pittsburgh International Creative Gold Award and other awards.

2. The company has 80-100 employees and the annual output is up to 300,000 sets or more, with fully automated production lines.

3. 15 years professional manufacturer, deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of all-aluminum pull-out baskets and home intelligent lifting.

4. Provide OEM service,can order various non-standard size products from one piece.

5. To provide various regional cabinet brands and whole house customization supporting services

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  • Professional workers
  • Strict management
  • Rigorous assembly process
  • Clean factory environment

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