Kitchen Seasoning Pullout Basket

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Our SEASONING PULL BASKETS for cabinets are made of full aluminum. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and is not easily oxidized by moisture, so it can maintain its appearance and function for a long time, and can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

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Multi-functional storage

The basket is designed with two layers, providing ample space for storing utensils, condiments, and tall bottles. The clear division of compartments allows for organized and easy storage. Additionally, the basket is designed to be easily removable and can facilitate the handling of water accumulation, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and rust issues.

The multi-functional storage capability of the seasoning pull-out basket makes it an ideal solution for optimizing kitchen organization. With separate compartments for different items, it allows for convenient access and retrieval. The ability to easily remove and handle water accumulation ensures cleanliness and prevents the growth of bacteria and rust.


Aluminum alloy frame

The basket is constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, enabling it to bear heavy loads without deformation. Compared to stainless steel, the aluminum alloy material is more corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring a longer service life without rust.

The use of an aluminum alloy frame provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the basket can support a significant amount of weight without deformation. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of the material ensures that the basket remains in excellent condition even with prolonged use.


Easy installation

The pull-out basket features an ultimate modular design, simplifying the assembly process by reducing the number of parts required. This ensures a hassle-free and minimalistic installation experience.

The easy installation process, simplified by the modular design, makes it convenient for users to assemble and utilize the pull-out basket effortlessly.


The seasoning pull-out basket combines functionality, durability, and convenience, making it an essential component for a well-organized and efficient kitchen environment.

Product Parameters

Art.No. Cabinet WidthxDepthxHeigh Description
KL300-MX 300mm 264x421x516mm Slide rails support side mounting and bottom mounting 
KL350-MX 350mm 314x421x516mm Slide rails support side mounting and bottom mounting 
KL400-MX 400mm 364x421x516mm Slide rails support side mounting and bottom mounting 
KL450-MX 450mm 414x421x516mm Slide rails support side mounting and bottom mounting 

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Different storage areas

Strong Holding Ability


Why choose us?

1. The original creator of all-aluminum storage,with strong R & D technology in the industry, continuous innovation, has won dozens of industry patents, won the U.S. Pittsburgh International Invention Gold Award, the U.S. Pittsburgh International Creative Gold Award and other awards.

2. The company has 80-100 employees and the annual output is up to 300,000 sets or more, with fully automated production lines.

3. 15 years professional manufacturer, deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of all-aluminum pull-out baskets and home intelligent lifting.

4. Provide OEM service,can order various non-standard size products from one piece.

5. To provide various regional cabinet brands and whole house customization supporting services

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