LiBai Smart Wine lifting Cabinet

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Our lifting cabinet can controlled by touch and voice .Can be installed in the corner or middle island.It can customize into double sides  or one side.Electric lifting can reduce bending.

Cabinets are made of aluminum.Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and is not easily oxidized by moisture, so it can maintain its appearance and function for a long time, and can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

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Intelligent Control

This cabinet can be effortlessly controlled using voice commands or touch, providing a user-friendly interface for adjusting the cabinet's height, pausing, or resuming operations. The intelligent control system ensures a seamless and convenient experience. Additionally, the cabinet operates silently and without any delay, minimizing disturbances in the surroundings.

Huge Storage Space

The cabinet offers spacious storage for various sizes of wine bottles and glasses. It comes with adjustable storage accessories that can be positioned as desired, making it perfect for storing tall wine glasses and other accessories. The versatile design facilitates efficient and organized storage, maximizing the cabinet's space utility.

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a high-capacity motor, this cabinet can bear a weight of up to 100kg without affecting its lifting and lowering operations. The robust motor ensures smooth and reliable movements, providing a secure environment for wine bottles and glasses. The powerful motor guarantees the stability and durability of the cabinet's lifting mechanism.

Aluminum Alloy Construction

The cabinet is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture. The use of aluminum alloy ensures the longevity of the product, as it remains unaffected by environmental factors. Its anti-corrosive properties make it a reliable choice for storing wines, ensuring that the cabinet remains in optimal condition.

The smart lift-up and down cabinet for wines features intelligent control options, allowing for easy adjustment using voice commands or touch. The cabinet provides ample storage space for wine bottles and glasses, with adjustable storage accessories for versatility. The powerful motor ensures smooth and reliable lifting and lowering operations without compromising its weight-bearing capacity.

Product Parameters

Art.No. Cabinet WidthxDepthxHeigh Description
KL-800LB1(1 motor) 600mm 659x315x850mm one side
KL-900LB1(1 motor) 900mm 750x315x850mm
KL-1000LB1(1 motor) 1000mm 850x315x850mm
KL-1600LB1(2 motors) 1600mm 1450x315x850mm
KL1800LB1(2 motors) 1800mm 1650x315x850mm
KL-800LB(1 motor) 600mm 659x315x850mm double sides
KL-900LB(1 motor) 900mm 750x315x850mm
KL-1000LB(1 motor) 1000mm 850x315x850mm
KL-1600LB(2 motors) 1600mm 1450x315x850mm
KL-1800LB(2 motors) 1800mm 1650x315x850mm



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The upper level of the Kitchen Double Pull Out Basket is designed to store cutlery, plates, cutlery, and other dining essentials.

This feature provides convenient and organized storage for your cookware. The upper level is dedicated to cutlery storage so you can easily access and find the right tools when preparing meals or setting the table. Separate compartments provide designated spaces for different types of utensils, allowing for efficient storage and minimizing clutter.

By utilizing the upper shelf to store dining essentials, your kitchen will become more organized, saving you time and energy during meal prep and cleanup. 

Why choose us?

1. The original creator of all-aluminum storage,with strong R & D technology in the industry, continuous innovation, has won dozens of industry patents, won the U.S. Pittsburgh International Invention Gold Award, the U.S. Pittsburgh International Creative Gold Award and other awards.

2. The company has 80-100 employees and the annual output is up to 300,000 sets or more, with fully automated production lines.

3. 15 years professional manufacturer, deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of all-aluminum pull-out baskets and home intelligent lifting.

4. Provide OEM service,can order various non-standard size products from one piece.

5. To provide various regional cabinet brands and whole house customization supporting services

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