How to efficiently store in kitchen

The longer the kitchen is used, the more various things become available. The original cabinet with only drawers can no longer meet the increasing number of kitchen supplies.

The cabinet only has a simple partition for storage, first of all, it is inconvenient to take, and it is difficult to find anything at random. After a long time, the things in it also seem to be forgotten, and it is easy to waste.

Here is the focus of the whole kitchen storage: the transformation into a storage basket that can be opened separately will really be a lot of convenience, and the utilization rate of the cabinet space is higher.


 ·Rely on the pull basket to make the kitchen more tidy and orderly

After the installation of the basket, the storage of the cabinet looks really well-organized, and the space utilization rate is twice as large.

Let's take a look at some pull-baskets used in the cabinet:

#1. Left3 three layers functional storage basket

 There are too many things in the kitchen, it is not well organized, and it is not possible to want to be clean and tidy. The storage of other kitchenware in the kitchen follows the principle of partition classification and centralized storage, and it will be a lot more convenient to find it.

Three layers of storage space storage basket, the top layer can be divided into categories to put some other kitchen utensils and tableware, it is very convenient to find. Snacks and multi-grain dry goods can be placed in the flat basket space on the next two floors, at a glance.


#2. Dish basket in the middle

The commonly used bowls and plates and tableware are stored near the stove, so that it is convenient to take them when cooking, and one-time picking up the bowls and chopsticks also saves time. The top of the small inside can be put knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks these tableware, open the cabinet at a glance.

The size of the dish rack can also be adjusted by itself, and bowls of different sizes can be easily put in, and vertical placement can be better. The bottom layer can put five or six POTS and pans, and the storage capacity is very large.


#3. Aluminum Seasoning basket on the right

Often used seasoning on the table, other seasonings can be put together in the cabinet, there is a layer of pumping inside the design, can be very good to put some small bottles of seasoning, storage is very friendly.


 The storage space of the upper and lower floors is also not affected by each other, and each floor can be separated separately. The bottles and cans that go in are firmly held in place by dividers, and the cabinet will not shake over when you open it.

Post time: Nov-02-2023
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